NOR Paper has announced an environmental first with its launch of Top Art paper in the South African market.

Top Art, exclusive to NOR Paper, a division of Bytes Document Solutions, is a triple-coated wood-free art paper manufactured from cellulose pulp that has been treated to obtain a high level of whiteness.
NOR Paper MD Raymond Blake says South African companies are becoming increasingly environmentally aware, and demand for green-friendly paper is steadily growing.
“Just five years ago, environmentally conscious paper mills had to charge a hefty premium of up to 20% for their recycled papers. Now, with demand for greener paper on the increase, the premium has dropped to 7% to 10%. Corporates in South Africa are becoming more environmentally aware, and through Top Art we’re able to meet their needs, providing a paper that is eco-friendly and yet meets the highest quality standards in terms of whiteness, gloss and runability,” says Blake.
The three coatings are used to develop the properties of the paper for the finest reception of ink and colour reproduction.
Imported from Spain by NOR Paper, Top Art is manufactured according to the elemental chlorine-free (ECF) bleaching process. This advanced method used in pulp and paper manufacturing does not utilise chlorine gas in the whitening process, so eliminating effluent dioxins. As a manufacturing process, ECF is unrivalled in the prevention of pollution, resources conservation and product quality. The Spanish mill is situated on the banks of a river in a nature reserve.
Top Art is produced by Torraspapel, a division of the Lecta Group. As one of the world’s largest paper producers, Torraspapel has an annual capacity of more than 1,3 million tons of coated paper.
All the group’s mills are ISO 14001-certified and its manufacturing sites have all successfully completed the strict assessment review required by the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). EMAS is a voluntary system that promotes continued improvement of the environmental performance of public and private organisations.
As a Torraspapel product, Top Art is made using certified pulp from a sustainably managed forest. The Torraspapel paper mill maintains stringent environmental policy principles which seek to optimise the consumption of natural resources for the contribution to sustainable development, and to show respect for the environment while still satisfying the needs of customers.
The company also has Chain of Custody certification, which makes it possible to verify, via traceability, that the wood used in the production process comes from forests managed according to strict sustainability criteria. The certification also ensures the preservation of forests and improvement of the social conditions of forest workers and local communities.
“We urge customers to specify Top Art environmental gloss or matt for their next print project,” concludes Blake.