Buscor, one of South Africa’s largest bus operators, expects to improve passenger and operational efficiency with a new ticketing system from Affiliated Computer Services (ACS).

ACS, a Xerox company, is implementing its Atlas system for Buscor, featuring contactless ticketing for the nearly 160 000 passengers who ride Buscor’s 400 buses daily in Mpumalanga.
Contactless ticketing is convenient for passengers, who can board buses with the wave of a fare card; and it is efficient for Buscor, which receives fare transaction information from buses in realtime. In addition, ACS will deploy South Africa’s first touchscreen driver consoles in Buscor buses.
The 14-month project includes system design, customisation, training and installation of the Atlas back-office system. ACS will work closely with Buscor to ensure a seamless transition to the new technology.
“ACS contactless ticketing systems have proven successful, and the hardware and software are well supported,” says Johann Bester, IT manager at Buscor. “The technology will help us lower costs in addition to helping control fraud by improved tracking of activities on the system.”
The implementation makes it possible for growth of the ACS system including interoperability with other local bus operators.
“When we started to work together two years ago, Buscor told us they were seeking an improvement in secure cash collections and better reporting. We have designed a state-of-the-art solution that meets these requirements and opens up future opportunities,” says Mathias Serre, key account manager at ACS Transportation Solutions.