SEESA, which specialises in Labour Law, BEE, Skills and Consumer Protection for businesses, celebrated one year as a Softline VIP customer this month.

The company, which implemented VIP Payroll in July 2009, says that the system has enabled them to focus on growing the business while its payroll and related services are taken care of. The company has 18 offices countrywide, 152 in-house lawyers, 9 consulting-panel legal firms and 750 employees.  
Luqman Dockrat, payroll manager of SEESA, says that the company went through a merger in 2009, and as a result required a new payroll which had to be big enough to support SEESA’s immediate and potential growth needs. “We have a five year goal to increase our client base to 100 000 South African businesses. This constitutes about 10% of all businesses in the country, and our previous system did not support our needs. As a result of the merger we had too many departmental payrolls, and we had to spend too much time processing everything manually.”  He says the decision to use VIP Classic reduced the number of payrolls from eleven to five, which resulted in fewer recons, less printing and saved an immense amount of time.
Sandra Swanepoel, sales director of Softline VIP, says that the VIP Classic system provides one integrated solution for payroll and human resource management and was a good fit for SEESA. “The software is online and the real-time design ensures that payroll processing is faster and easier to use. VIP Classic contains the latest legislative changes that enable payroll administrators to make the most accurate and up to date calculations. All of this is combined in a package that can be maintained by updating earnings, deductions and methods.”
She says that soon after SEESA implemented VIP Classic, the company purchased several additional modules: “SEESA immediately saw the value in the system and added personnel history; leave administration; employment equity and skills management. “
According to Dockrat, leave was a major issue for SEESA. “We struggled to manage the process within our previous system and have seen a tremendous improvement using VIP Classic.  The reports are accurate and it makes the taxing task of leave administration much easier.  Another major benefit was the employment equity and skills management module.”
He explains that the HR department was unable to merge the new and existing companies, and as a result had to generate several reports as opposed to one. “The HR department had to manually collate the various reports which would take two to three months. Using VIP, one consolidated report is produced and the process takes a matter of hours to complete. Another benefit is the ease with which tax certificates are generated. A full year can be done within an hour.”
Dockrat says SEESA only had a month to implement the new system and the process was seamless. “The support we received from Softline VIP was excellent.  My mother has been a VIP user for fifteen years and she recommended the company to us.  I guess the adage that mothers are always right is true after all.”