Cambrient has implemented an advanced installation of Google Analytics reporting for, which now provides the organisation with valuable, actionable data to improve sales and customer service.

Antonio Petra, digital marketing strategist at Cambrient says this advanced analytics implementation gives Toyota a clear line of site of its online consumer trends and behaviour on a national and local level.
“Our analytics work with Automark has put us in good stead and that is what clinched the deal with Toyota. Aside from monthly reports, Cambrient has also implemented a system for customised reporting to deliver specific business and campaign performance information that can be used in different levels of the business,” he says.
Cambrient implemented advanced tracking on its Web site, which gives Toyota a clear understanding of how their customers engage with the site, and generate valuable information to its marketing department.
“Information such as, which cars are the most popular, what type of comparisons customers request for cars, the price range for vehicles and how much they are willing to spend, and if they apply for finance, or book test drives,” he adds.
Petra says this information can then be used by the business to make decisions on future Web site development or marketing directions.
“We provide a complete overview in a monthly presentation, which highlights key information that can be used at various levels of the organisation.”
“The marketing information, for instance, can be sent to Toyota's advertising agency, and can be provided in real time in order for the company to monitor and tweak campaign tracking, to ensure its effectiveness and relevance compared to the interested sources and to make sure that it is adding value. In this way, the agency could justify their marketing spend,” he says.
Petra says the deployment was very rapid and had very little direct impact on Toyota's software developers and development team.
“It was a very non-invasive process. Cambrient has really proved its worth with past implementations. We understand the needs of the client, have in-depth knowledge of how to harness and report on the data that affects the intricate workings of their clients, and in this instance, are able to report on which models of cars they need to focus on to get the best sales results,” he says.
Petra says that the Web site gives an interesting insight into the users purchasing research trends that emerge out of the prevailing economic conditions or current context. For instance, the World Cup had an impact on the purchasing behavior of big ticket items. In this it is possible for us to ascertain exactly which levels of the market were most effected.
“The data gleaned from Cambrient's rich monitoring capabilities allows Toyota to see what people are looking for, whether they get vehicle comparisons, for example, if they are looking for a family car, or whether they’re just looking for something that is practical and economical. The interesting thing about vehicle comparisons is that a user's comparisons can show us what they can actually afford to purchase as opposed to what they would like to purchase, or what features they may be willing to sacrifice in order to drive their dream car. Importantly, the company is able to react on actionable information that can be presented at boardroom level,” he says.
Petra says Cambrient is able to recommend information to Toyota in order for them to change their focus on how to drive traffic to their site.
“Compared to other manufacturers trying to stake their claim in the South African market, Toyota is one of the most forward-thinking companies in the automotive industry in the country when it comes to Internet marketing and Web interaction, online application tracking and sales, and this new venture can assist their advertising agency greatly in crafting campaigns that produce tangible results,” he adds.
Says James Smith, manager: online communication systems at Toyota: “The service has created great strategic value to our business. From a retention point of view, it allows us to engage with our customers in a much better way than we did before. We now know that in the Free State for example, there is a high demand for Hilux and Landcruiser vehicles, whereas in Gauteng and Cape Town there is an increased demand for passenger vehicles like Corolla” he concludes.