Nology's Billion routers now support iBurst technology, enabling users of iBurst's proprietary system to share this connection wirelessly using these routers.

Says Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology: "In order to keep up with the needs of our customers and end users in the markets, we conducted firmware enhancements to our range of Billion routers with the USB failover port, to enable them to support iBurst hardware. iBurst has tested and certified these enhancements and are satisfied with the level of interoperability between the devices."
Testing was conducted on two specific Billion routers, the entry level 7402GXL and the high end 7404VNOX. Both of these devices have now been certified compatible by iBurst. The Billion routers support both the USB and desktop iBurst modems.
"Developments were done on the Billion router setup Graphic User Interface (GUI) to provide ease of use and compatibility. Users of the Billion routers accessing the GUI via the web will now be greeted with a new iBurst option which will enable them to select the settings for the hardware on  the router swiftly and intuitively," he adds.
By adding iBurst capability to these routers it enables users to share iBurst connections quickly and easily, and also allows these connections to not only be used as a primary connectivity option but also as a failover solution  for ADSL. This not only ensures convenience but also business continuity with constant uptime and a failover option.
"iBurst is a popular connectivity option in South Africa, with many individuals and businesses using this technology and hardware," Leuschner concludes. "Billion is a leading worldwide manufacturer of routers and networking devices.  Therefore it makes sense for both parties that the devices be compatible, and we are pleased to be able to offer this service to the market."