Zycko, an official South African distributor of Polycom voice communication solutions, has announced Polycom's latest Kirk DECT solution, the Kirk Wireless Server 8000 (KWS8000). It allows customers to easily expand coverage, voice traffic and numbers of users and is adaptable to any customer needs – wirelessly.

The KWS8000 provides a wireless voice solution with an analogue interface that offers tremendous flexibility and scalability, and is thereby an ideal choice for both small and medium-sized business as well as large enterprises.
With the Polycom KWS8000, customers can also easily and cost effectively migrate from analogue to IP should its business need change. Easy to install and administer, the KWS8000 offers an unmatched radio coverage and number of users, CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation) functionality, and is extremely flexible due to the interface cards which can be combined to fit the very exact need of the individual customer.
Additionally, Polycom will offer an IP interface card for the KWS8000 in the future, enabling investment protection for those customers planning to make the transition to all IP communications.
Says Fiona McLean-Banks, Polycom Business Development Manager at Zycko: "We have seen a significant increase in the demand for wireless solutions; and the KWS8000 delivers a range of functionality that meets the many demands of modern workplace communication, benefitting many organisations in South Africa."
Features and benefits include:
* Scalability – unmatched radio coverage and number of users;
* Flexibility – combination of interface cards allows for the solution to be customised to fit the exact need of the individual customer – "pay what you need";
* Easier and more cost effective than ever before to migrate to IP in the future;
* New GUI (Graphical User Interface) management programme making it even easier to install and administer a KWS8000 solution;
* Low power consumption;
* Open interface and MSF (Message Service Function) facilities for more efficient internal communication;
* CLIP for overview and access to Caller IDs (name and number); and
* Automatic cable measurement for straightforward installation.