Dimension Data is stepping out of the box with a value-adding new twist to its Customer Interactive Solutions service offering.

The company’s home grown ‘Interaction-on-Demand’ solution is unlocking potential for both large and small enterprise with innovative and attractive Software as a Service (SaaS)-based contact centre solutions.  Interaction-on-Demand’s ingenuity got the chance to prove its mettle on the global stage recently, when it reached the final round of the awards at Cisco Networkers 2010, Bahrain.
Contact centres have traditionally fallen into one of two categories: in-house, or more recently an outsourced solution. In an effort to provide clients with a more flexibleyet affordable alternative, Dimension Data introduced Interaction-on-Demand in 2009,which enables companies to implement the latest multi-media contact centre technology without the burden of huge capital expenditure.
Interaction-on-Demand provides companies with access tocontact centreapplicationson a hosted platform.  The host site is fully provisioned by Dimension Data and is split across twostate-of-the-art data centres. The sites are artfully designed to offerenhanced business continuity and disaster management and are maintained in a top-class secure environment, adding peace of mind to its already attractive package.
This solution has been well received, offering a ‘best of both’ alternative as clients pick and choose from a menu of services offered on a ‘pay as you use’ basis.  This has made technology normally beyond the means of smallerbusinesses readily available and has even attracted large enterprises such as South Africa Breweries and a leading South African airline with its agility, feature-rich functionality and cost effectiveness.
Interaction-on-Demand has caught the attention of the EMEA marketspace, having beenrecently shortlisted for the ‘Most Innovative UC and Collaboration Project of the Year’ category as part of the innovation awards at Cisco Networkers 2010, Bahrain.
The Cisco Networkers 2010 Innovation Awards honour outstanding achievements in the deployment and successful implementation of innovative technologies. These awards recognise and reward organisations that truly embrace new and advanced technology whilst leading the field in delivering real and tangible benefits.
“Reaching the final stages in a competition of this nature is a great accomplishment, particularly in light of the excellent quality of solutions that are coming out of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa at the moment,” says Anton Jooste, GM of Diimension Data Customer Interactive Solutions, Middle East & Africa.
“Being acknowledged as a world-class innovator by the likes of Cisco, who number among the premier IT organisations worldwideis certainly something Dimension Data is extremely proud of, ” says Jooste.“But our real motivation remains seeking opportunities to enhance our client’s customer interaction experience and find ways to enable their business.”