Softline ACCPAC says the latest version of its award-winning CRM solution, Sage CRM v7 sees the release of a new interactive dashboard, which will transform the way a company can manage its business, its employees and its customers.

Built on advanced REST-based technology, Jeremy Waterman, MD of Softline Accpac says the Sage CRM interactive dashboard is an intuitive and customisable workspace from where users can co-ordinate and manage all their daily tasks and activities, driving productivity in the workplace.
The interactive dashboard pulls information and feeds from within Sage CRM, external websites and integrated Sage ERP systems in real-time so users have all the information they need at their fingertips and are fully equipped to consistently provide customers with an exceptional service without having to switch between screens.  
The content and layout of the interactive dashboard can be easily customised using simple drag and drop capabilities for a rich, personalised user experience.
Sage CRM v7 supports the Sage SData protocol, Sage’s REST-based standard for advanced customisations and integrations between Sage applications.  Thanks to SData, Sage CRM can now generate and consume feeds of information from other SData compliant applications and can display SData feeds that have been developed by Sage or Sage partners directly through an SData gadget on the new Sage CRM interactive dashboard.
According to Paul Greenberg, author of CRM at the Speed of Light, “for small business CRM related apps, REST is a great architecture and Sage is the leading proponent of REST, basing all their CRM apps on it”.   Support for SData enables Sage CRM to deliver unrivalled integration capabilities with Sage ERP solutions as well as other third party applications.
“Ease of customisation and integration has always been a core tenet of Sage CRM and by complying with the SData protocol, we can develop seamless integrations between Sage CRM and Sage’s many ERP products around the globe as well as other Sage business applications for a truly integrated customer experience," explains Lorcan Malone, GM for Sage CRM. “SData unlocks the potential of all Sage solutions by allowing them to integrate seamlessly and work as one cohesive Sage business solution. This not only benefits our customers by delivering integrated business applications but also creates opportunities and new markets for our extensive global partner channel.”
Sage CRM users will also benefit from the enhanced new look and feel of Sage CRM v7 which makes the web-based application easier to use and navigate.
According to Yankee Group, the most important feature when evaluating a business application is and should be ease-of-use – 82% of CRM user respondents to a 2007 sales management survey cited difficulties getting salespeople to use their CRM system, making it absolutely critical to improve its overall usability."