FireID, a South African developer of mobile authentication solutions, has expanded its operations into the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The company says it has appointed Paul de Laat as its business development manager for Benelux and that it intends to aggressively increase its sales and business development efforts in the region.
“FireID continues to extend its team and international operations to meet the needs of its rapidly growing global client base and reseller network,” says Jenny Dugmore, CEO of FireID. “Our Benelux expansion will address the increasing demand in the region for strong authentication to protect sensitive online transactions and information.”
De Laat, she says, is an experienced and successful IT sales professional who, prior to joining FireID, worked as sales and business development manager for US start-ups Varonis and Asankya. Before Varonis, De Laat was responsible for successfully starting and expanding the European sales operations of Network Intelligence. Network Intelligence was acquired by EMC and integrated into the new RSA Security Division of EMC.
“FireID has developed a technology that truly sets itself apart in the authentication marketplace and the company is poised for significant growth,” says De Laat. “The opportunity to join a dynamic company that is delivering industry-leading innovations to address an area of such importance to businesses is compelling.”  
De Laat will oversee the delivery of FireID’s solutions, including the recently released FireID Authentication Platform for Banks, to the Benelux region. This Platform provides Banks with transaction verification, authentication for mobile and online banking, and internal VPN access for bank use. Using something the end user already has, a mobile phone, FireID protects financial transactions against sophisticated threats – including man-in-the-browser attacks – and ensures that only legitimate payments are made.
The OATH-compliant FireID Platform allows for easy integration and  combines multiple mobile two-factor authentication solutions that can be used by banks either individually or together, and transparently appear as one application on the user’s phone that can be easily customised to reflect bank-selected branding.