Oracle supremo Larry Ellison has lashed out at HP's board in a letter to the New York Times, calling them "idiots" who weren't acting in the best interests of the company's employees, shareholders, customers and partners.

In the letter, Ellison says: “The HP board just made the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago.”
In 1985 the then CEO of Apple, former Pepsi boss John Sculley, fired Jobs after a number of clashes over the future of Apple. Jobs subsequently left to form Next Computers before returning to Apple after 12 years to turn it around.Today, it is listed as the world's most valuable technology company.
“That decision nearly destroyed Apple and would have if Steve hadn’t come back and saved them,” Ellison says.
Ellison continues in his letter: “In losing Mark Hurd, the HP board failed to act in the best interest of HP’s employees, shareholders, customers and partners. The HP board admits that it fully investigated the sexual harassment claims against Mark and found them to be utterly false.”
Hurd stunned the IT industry on Friday with his resignation after admitting inaccurate expenses claims in order to conceal a personal relationship with marketing contractor and would-be actress Jodie Fisher. Fisher had alleged sexual harrassment agains Hurd – a matter which he has reportedly settled with her and for which the HP board found him innocent.
Earlier this year, Ellison stood by Oracle president Charles Phillips after revelations of an eight-year extra-marital affair.