Teraco Data Environments has become the new home for Loot.co.za's server infrastructure, giving the online retailer a better place to implement its core online retail systems.

Colocating at Teraco's data centre facility frees Loot from the headaches of managing the hardware environment, and gives it the ability to choose its connectivity provider in order to drive down operating costs.
Loot.co.za is an independent retailer of books and entertainment products, offering more than 1,5-million book, DVD and CD titles.
"Placing our servers at Teraco gives us guaranteed power and a safe, secure environment for our servers that usually only large corporations can afford. It also gives us the game changing advantages of being able to pick the best carrier option, and change service providers when we want, without moving equipment. We now have the bargaining power to ensure that our connectivity costs remain competitive as we prepare to rapidly scale our business as online shopping becomes accepted by consumers," says Loot MD Michael van Rooyen.