With most businesses now in agreement that innovation is central to business success, attendees at this years’ Ricoh European Technology Advisory Conference (eTAC) resolutely support a model that holds internal stakeholders and external partners equally responsible for driving innovation.

The annual summit, organised by the Ricoh European Technology Centre, brought together IT experts from some of Europe’s most successful companies to debate and discuss the issue of innovation in the document environment.
The conclusions of the group mirror those of Ricoh Europe, industry leader in office solutions, managed document services and production printing, who is seeing increased demand for tailored products and services among its customer base.
The group, attended the two day workshop at Twickenham Rugby Stadium, included senior technology people from Fortune Global 500 companies. A significant majority of the group (seven out of 10) felt that innovative products and solutions should not only be presented to them by external suppliers, but should be driven by the needs and objectives of the company itself. An overwhelming majority (eight out of 10) of the steering group felt that they would be more likely to pay for innovations that they have had a hand in creating.
The eTAC forum has long been a supporter of a collaborative approach to innovation and on average, 80% of business challenges discussed at the event are fed directly into Ricoh’s research & development and product planning cycles. The European Technology Centre forms part of Ricoh Group’s global network of Technology Centres present in Japan, Singapore, China and the USA. This approach to innovation allows Ricoh to get closer to its customers ensuring their feedback directly influences R&D activity.
Michael Irvine, GM & vice-president of the Ricoh European Technology Centre, comments: “We are encouraged by the feedback received from the majority of this year’s eTAC participants, who are fully endorsing ‘Ricoh’s Customer-driven Innovation’ approach to solution and product design. The primary aim of this annual conference is to facilitate discussions with CIOs and explore new strategic document management solutions. By listening to the group and understanding their central challenges and core business objectives, we are able to design and mould solutions to meet their specific needs.”