Bytes Outsource Services has launched a software as a service (SaaS) solution based on the Microsoft stack for mid-sized companies that offers a number of business and financial benefits.

The service negates the need for capital expenditure, is flexible, allows businesses to pilot software before they invest, better manage their cash flow, and keeps them up to date with the latest technology developments.
“Mid-sized and smaller businesses have never had such flexible and cost-effective access to the Microsoft stack of technology solutions,” says West McMullin, GM of Bytes Outsource Services. “We’re offering the service on the back of Microsoft’s Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA).”
The service covers the Microsoft Web platform, data centre, messaging, collaboration, and CRM.
The Microsoft Web platform gives businesses the framework, Web server, database, and tools they need to build and host websites on Windows. The data centre solutions gives business access to on-demand virtualised servers, clustering, networks, and storage based on best practices. They obtain a reliable, scalable hosted messaging solution built on Microsoft Exchange Server. Hosted Dynamics CRM that helps them to increase their customer base, serve new segments, and earn new revenue.
“Customers are getting agile infrastructure delivered from secure, highly available data centres. There’s no up-front cost, no lengthy and costly rollout projects. If they decide they don’t need so many licences they simply discard those they don’t need. It’s the flexible approach to software solutions that people have always expected because it makes business sense,” says McMullin.