In a bid to boost the skills set of the Metrofile supervisors, a group from the Johannesburg and Pretoria offices recently attended a rigorous supervisor-training seminar.

The three-day course was aimed at all supervisors and intended to provide them with the skills to assist them in co-ordinating teams within the work environment, as well as assist the Metrofile HR team with their succession planning.  A total of 33 supervisors in Johannesburg and 7 from Pretoria attended the training.
“Training needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis, especially if you want to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction,” says Craig Fortuin, National Training Manager at Metrofile.  “We used these training seminars to deliver and impart a host of best practice skills, and attendees were given the wherewithal to be able to apply these skills in their day-to-day tasks.  Emphasis was placed on how to motivate staff in order to bring together teams and offer strong management within these teams.”
The training materials were split into four modules including: individual transition, leadership, the role of the supervisor, and managing supervisor responsibilities.  Training was conducted in both theory and in hands on workshops where interaction between the supervisors was encouraged.
“We tried to keep the training as outcomes based as possible. We wanted to make sure that we worked on personal aspects as well as business and management aspects affecting individuals, so we paid attention to areas such as self-esteem and its impact on interpersonal relationships.  This included the ability to assess the choices we are faced with in our day-to-day job functions, and the creating personal development plans to help guide decisions,” adds Fortuin.
Additional areas that were covered included defining and identifying the relevance of leadership and its impact on teams, defining the role of the supervisors, and the ability to take what one has learnt and put it into practice.
“At Metrofile we are committed to helping our staff with their personal development so that each individual can better map growth their own career paths.  The supervisor training which was piloted in Johannesburg and Pretoria is an example of this commitment and we will be rolling it out in our other regions in due course,” ends Fortuin.
All supervisors who attended the training were personally rewarded for their efforts by CEO Graham Wackrill who presented each individual with a certificate of attendance at an awards ceremony.