SAS Institute has announced new releases of three of its analytics products, aimed at arming organisations with econometric, optimisation and statistical capabilities that surface opportunities, mitigate risk and streamline business processes.

Now available, the latest releases of SAS’ econometrics, operations research and statistics software help boost analytical power, improve productivity and increase scalability. SAS’ ever-expanding core analytics capabilities extend to even more types of data and users.
Enhancements to SAS software for econometrics help users evaluate the severity or magnitude of events. With the ability to describe the distribution of losses from insurance claims, the magnitude of damage from natural disasters or the severity of disease outbreaks, organisations can take more effective actions.
With SAS software for operations research, organisations can now model and investigate systems with complicated relationships or significant random elements. The new tool for discrete event simulation models is solving manufacturing, banking, customer service and health care challenges.
Updates to SAS software for statistics will enable analytics professionals to store model information and reuse it to perform additional inference and scoring without refitting the model, and thus perform additional analysis in a single, easy step.
“SAS has always forged advancements in analytics,” says Radhika Kulkarni, vice-president of Advanced Analytics R&D at SAS. “SAS Analytics support better decisions and outcomes by collecting, exploring, analysing and interpreting patterns, relationships, trends and anomalies in data. Our enhanced analytics software is helping organisations handle challenging data issues and solve complex problems in ways they never could before.”
Analytic skills in organisations are scarce and valuable. SAS equips creative problem solvers to be more effective and efficient. Online targeting platform leader [x+1] uses SAS Analytics to maximise its FORTUNE Global 500 clients’ return on investment in digital media. SAS helps [x+1] move new solutions to market quickly – critical in the competitive online-marketing industry.
“The breadth and completeness of SAS Analytics let us use any modelling methodology we need, unlike black-box tools with limited capabilities,” says Leon Zemel, executive vice-president: optimisation at [x+1]. “With SAS, we can deliver just the right audience to our clients in real time, every time. These clients boast performance lifts of 30 to 80 percent by selecting the right creative.”
SAS’ enhanced products, SAS/ETS for econometrics, SAS/OR for operations research, SAS/STAT for statistics and other SAS analytic capabilities, including data mining, text analytics, forecasting, quality improvement and model management enable customers to accelerate understanding by testing alternatives, building models and measuring results for continuous innovation and improvement.