Mobile broadband currently accounts for only 10% of total mobile subscriptions but a rapidly increasing majority of the traffic – which has almost tripled over the last year.

This is according to Ericsson's measurement of actual traffic in networks around the world , which shows that global mobile data almost tripled in the last year, growing more than 10 times faster than voice.
Mobile data traffic continues to grow exponentially even after the historic crossover point in December 2009 when data first exceeded voice.
According to Ericsson statistics, global measured mobile data traffic stands at nearly 225 000 Terabytes per month as of the second quarter of 2010.
"The growth and benefits of mobile broadband are undeniable," says Ericsson's senior vice-president, chief technology officer & president of Ericsson Silicon Valley Håkan Eriksson. "The business model for mobile broadband is becoming one of increasing profitability and competitive differentiation through superior quality of service.
"Operator's focus on end-to-end converged IP networks is key to addressing the dramatic traffic growth, while reducing costs and improving the user experience. For consumers, mobile broadband is transforming the way we communicate and prosper as a society."