A South African-deevloped software product is able to integrate and instantly deliver data or dynamic content to mobile phones and devices.

Business Out of Office Manager (BOoOM), developed by Applxbridge, delivers user-selected information to mobile devices.
Considering that 75% of South Africans have access to mobile phones, this opens up an affordable and innovative opportunity, according to Applxbridge MD Martin Brandt.
“While we all make use of sms, BOoOM is a far richer content delivery service and yet is significantly cheaper.”
BOoOM is designed to deliver information and supports almost all mobile phones and computers post-2004.
Additional benefits such as realtime surveys, where public opinion on any topic can be polled, as well as advertising come standard and businesses have the ability to reach some or all of their clients wherever and whenever they wish.
Richard Rushton, Applxbridge’s finance director, adds: "It is also an excellent management tool in that managers have access to staff at all times thereby increasing efficiency and vastly improving turnaround times.  This clearly results in cost-saving for the company."
With BOoOM, users have instant access to information at their fingertips, meaning no more frustrating delays waiting for information or updates.
“Customer perception is key to the success of any firm and this product is a logical extension to the service a firm already provides, allowing them to truly set themselves apart from their competitors,” says Brandt.
“Clients feel heard because in reality, they are heard. This makes the difference between a frustrated and a happy client."