Neotel has launched an affordable and flexible communications management system.

Known as NeoIntellect, the system is web-based and hosted on Neotel’s Midrand data centre. It is pre-integrated with multiple telephony service providers to enable organisations to reduce and effectively manage their communications spend by tracking communications usage across the board.
Fine-grained reporting tools provide organisations with detailed analysis of their communication resources, itemised billing for fixed lines and mobile phones, reporting on individual and organisational utilisation of communication resources, and asset management per user.
NeoIntellect absorbs information from the organisations’ communication systems and then provides reports and recommendations based on the organisations’ strategic requirements. It is able to absorb information about fixed line services, mobile services, data services, value add services and physical assets.
“We designed NeoIntellect to be the most affordable and the most flexible and scalable communications management system on the market – because we believe that one of our fundamental responsibilities is to support South African businesses in being competitive,” says Wandile Zote, Neotel executive head of corporate communication.
"Communications management is core to the operations of enterprise level organisations because communication capability is what empowers the exchange of information and, in terms of availability of communications access, determines to a very large extent the efficiency and productivity of an organisation.
"So it’s crucial that organisations have the means to track communications usage in their organisations, from user to infrastructure and across all communication types and devices. Even more importantly, they need to know what to do with that information in order to rectify unwanted situations and squeeze more value out of their communications systems and strategies.
"But the cost of a system that not only tracks usage but makes recommendations regarding remediation should not be greater than any savings the system enables. And the system should be so flexible and scalable that any organisation can use it, regardless of which infrastructure and services it is already using and whatever additions and changes it will need to make in future. That’s what we’ve designed NeoIntellect to deliver,” Zote adds.
NeoIntellect is flexible both in terms of pricing models, underlying infrastructure, and implementation as well as the ways in which organisations can put it to use.