Computer Inn, a value added reseller for Point of Sale (POS) distributor, UltiSales Retail Software, part of the JSE-listed UCS Group Ltd, has implemented the UltiSales POS software on 90 workstations within the Jumbo Food group, based in Limpopo and Mphumalanga.

Jumbo recently opened a new mega store in Polokwane, Candy Kidz, where Computer Inn installed the UltiSales point of sale software on 24 workstations. Additional users were also added to the central head office of Jumbo Foods, in Polokwane.
“Jumbo Foods has been a user of UltiSales for 15 years,” says Steve Mallaby, MD of UltiSales.
"The latest 26 user roll-outs show that our software has stood the test of time, and demonstrates the ability to grow and mature with clients’ businesses. We now have more than 5,000 users, in SA and neighbouring countries, and are arguably the oldest POS supplier in the country, with our first release being made in 1987. Jumbo Foods is one of many of our older clients, who continue to use our software platform.”
Computer Inn has been a Value Added Reseller of Ultisales for more than 20 years, and has rolled out UltiSales software at all the Jumbo-owned stores – including the newly-opened Candy Kidz in Polokwane, Jumbo Foods, Mama's Sweets, Sweets & More, and Pequita General Dealer in Nelspruit.
“Within the group, there are now close on 100 users, with most of the stores still using earlier versions of our software, mainly due to its stability. We do believe, however, that clients will be migrating, over time, to newer versions of our software," says Mallaby.
Harshad Mistry, owner of Computer Inn, says: “Jumbo wanted to have separate stores for distribution and cash and carry in order to cater for informal traders and the general public. Most of the Jumbo group has been using UltiSales software for 15 years. We understand the needs of the group and the software continues to play a critical role in their day-to-day business.”
Mallaby says the company recently introduced UltiSales Version 5, the company’s first fully fledged Windows/SQL product, to its VAR channel – and is now driving new sales.
“Migration from older versions to the new version is expected to be gradual, as many of our clients are still happy with our earlier versions. Close on seven years of development have gone into Version 5, and we continue to invest heavily in ongoing research and development.
"Often, software companies ‘kill’ earlier versions of their software by phasing them out and forcing clients to upgrade. However, due to the fact we have so many loyal users of our Text/DOS and Windows GUI (Versions 1 and 3),we have taken the decision to phase in the new versions over an extended period of time."
Jumbo is a stalwart client who will remain with the older version of the software.
“What we have is a long-established client base, and a software pedigree that boasts one of the longest track records in the industry.”