APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, has introduced a modular battery replacement service (MBRS), which provides proactive battery replacement and disposal for Symmetra PX, Smart-UPS VT, Symmetra LX and Symmetra units.

“Disposing of old, modular batteries is a hassle,” says Olivier Delepine, enterprise and services director for Middle East and Africa at APC by Schneider Electric.
“You can’t just throw them out, as doing so is environmentally reckless and illegal. Between obtaining certificates of disposal to hauling the load, there are many reasons used batteries pile up.
"And, with so many problems, you’re likely to replace depleted batteries at the last minute, placing availability at risk. MBRS, however, presents the answer.”
The solution offers a one-stop full battery replacement service, including OEM batteries, onsite replacement and removal/disposal of used batteries. Moreover, MBRS assures that only service-certified professionals replace clients’ batteries.
The MBRS labour option includes the following:
*Ability to purchase the required amount of battery modules; service-certified professional onsite to perform all work.
*Relocation of new batteries from loading dock to UPS location; battery swap out and system configuration.
*Removal and trucking of the waste batteries to an approved recycling centre location.
*Environmental regulatory compliant battery recycling.
A non-labour option is also available, should clients wish to purchase the replacement batteries and disposal service, but rather install it themselves.
“Both options deliver an easy and environmentally friendly disposal solution as APC by Schneider Electric will take clients’ depleted batteries from the UPS to a recycling facility,” says Delepine.
He adds that MBRS also helps to protect a client’s investment through proactive replacement. “Since batteries fail over time, changing them proactively prolongs the life of a client’s equipment and protects its availability too.
"In fact, many people aren’t aware that replacing batteries one at a time actually weakens the newly replaced batteries, causing frequent failures. In contrast, by replacing batteries proactively,ensures that batteries will last longer, reducing both cost and downtime while safeguarding availability,” he says.
Delepine further stresses that genuine APC batteries must be used with APC UPSes in order to guarantee the integrity of the solution. He gives five reasons as to why it is important to only use a genuine replacement battery cartridge (RBC):
*The use of a non-APC battery may result in lower run time, damage the UPS, create a hazardous condition, or void UL, CSA, VDE and other safety certifications on the UPS.
*Use of a non-APC battery will void APC’s Equipment Protection Policy.
*APC recycles used batteries and almost 100% of the battery lead content is reused.
*Each RBC includes a one-year warranty.
*APC supplies the appropriate instructions for the UPS, along with any needed wires and connectors. All connections are made with high current gas-tight crimps for high reliability.