South African commuters have identified the seven deadly sins of commuting that cause them the most stress on the way to work, and undermine their productivity and job satisfaction.

In a new survey by Regus, South African commuters topped the list with bad and dangerous drivers. However, road rage, delays and lack of information from service providers also figured as major stress factors.
In South Africa, the average one-way commute is 29 minutes, although 25% of South Africans have to travel over three quarters of an hour each way. Yet the time taken to commute is less of an issue than the commuting experience.
No business wants employees turning up to work already exhausted and stressed out, unable to function properly in the working day. The findings of the Regus survey help to identify the major causes of commuting stress across drivers and users of public transport.
Joanne Bushell, vice-president of Regus South Africa, comments: “We can all recognise our own worst experiences in the findings of this survey. Road rage and dangerous driving are of real concern for drivers and pedestrians alike, hence their top billing. Being left in the dark about service interruptions or traffic jams is also a killer for the calm and productive working day.
"The cell phone pest also evidently remains with us, with offenders not realising – or caring – that they are ruining many people’s day right from the start. And the rude behaviour of fellow commuters is another sure way to get the day off to a bad start which cannot be underestimated.
“Of course, at Regus we advocate flexible working location and hours to avoid all these stresses and strains which can have such an adverse effect on employee’s throughput, motivation and happiness. Travelling to a work location closer to home, especially outside of peak hours, is often the best way to avoid theses stresses for a happier, calmer and ultimately more fruitful days work."