The Integr8 Group has provided mission-critical virtualisation services to the Home Loan Guarantee Company (HLGC), a move that has ensured that the insurer is able to leverage streamlined, redundant business systems.

As the official ICT managed services provider partner to HLGC, Integr8 was requested to address specific issues related to the client’s server infrastructure. The servers were nearing "end-of-life" stage, and the technology employed was on the verge of becoming obsolete.
“This means that should any issues arise with the technology, sourcing available parts would become a problem. Additionally, the software in use required updates and any upgrade on servers had to meet all the company’s requirements for the next five years and accommodate growth,” says Robert Sussman, joint CEO, Integr8.
HLGC entered into a service level agreement with Integr8 and has secured the complete outsource of the infrastructure, to include people, technology and processes.
Following close consultation with HLGC management, Integr8’s Consulting Services Team (ICS) decided to consolidate HLGC server infrastructure and bring its firewall, e-mail (Exchange) server, domain controller and Database SQL servers onto a full scale virtualised environment.
“This was a project of significant proportion. Our client’s servers play an integral role in the overall operations, and there was a need to instil a multi-platform fully redundant environment for all the company’s business systems,” adds Sussman.
“This was achieved and we have made a lasting difference to the company’s ability to run server infrastructure of the highest quality and capacity.”
According to Sussman, the virtualised server infrastructure will ensure that HLGC benefits from a reduced physical and carbon footprint, as well as easier, more expedient disaster recovery.
“Virtualisation and virtual server implementation is indicative of rapidly developing technology and increasing investment among companies, globally. It is being rolled out by most major companies in some form or another,” Sussman continues.
Dr Charlene Lea, CEO at HLGC, says the company is very impressed with the level of professional service received by its technology services partner.
The technology and support has already ensured a more stable, secure server environment – with full support and comprehensive operation of several servers, and has ensured an effective foundation for server operation across the company’s network.
“We are proud to be associated with a company of the calibre of Integr8. Our 24/7/365 connectivity to the Integr8 Nerve Centre has proved invaluable and is truly world class. This is a managed services provider and partner that is positioned at the forefront of international technology development and rollout.
"They empower us to bolster our operations and core network infrastructure to help maintain the highest levels of service to our growing customer base,” concludes Lea.