CA Southern Africa has announced the addition of new features and functionality to CA Access Control that help customers address critical needs in privileged identity management.

The new features allow for centrally controlling, monitoring and auditing privileged users. They also provide temporary privileged access across servers, applications and devices from a single management console.
“It is generally known but seldom publicly discussed that the most serious threats today come from within companies,” says Gary Lawrence, MD, CA Southern Africa.
“Most IT departments run privileged user accounts for their IT administrators, which give them extensive access to IT systems. However, the inability to properly control and audit privileged access can create a serious security threat. The number of reported insider breaches in recent years around the world has shown this.”
Research and reports from the US market suggest that the misuse of privileged administrator credentials is the single largest cause of insider data breaches. Local companies face comparable security challenges.
“The new capabilities in CA Access Control offer secure use of privileged accounts within applications and address the growing security and compliance needs for privileged user monitoring,” says Lawrence.
He explains the specifics of the new features as follows.
“The Privileged User Password Management (PUPM) for Application-to-Application and Application-to-Database automated operations helps improve security and reduce costs,” he says. “This is what can be achieved by automating the management of account passwords.
“There is further security provided by Privileged User Session Recording and Playback, which allows for video playback of a privileged user’s actions. Alongside this, there is now also UNIX keyboard logging, directly integrated into the log management system.
“Additionally, the PUPM Automatic Login and Advanced Integration features automate end-user login to any CA PUPM-managed device, helping to prevent password theft.
"The enhanced integration of traditional CA Access Control capabilities with CA PUPM provides the ability to track and log a privileged user’s activity based on the ‘original’ user ID. This helps control what the privileged user is able to do once in the system.”
The new features add to the established abilities of the CA Access Control product and meet new security needs.
“Security remains a primary concern, whether the threats are external or internal,” says Lawrence. “The concern is that internal threats are both increasing and more damaging to the customer’s business.
“The new abilities of CA Access Control provide powerful tools to manage privileged users’ accounts and minimise this growing risk.”