Preferred partner of Noble Systems, Intuate Group, the technology solutions and people resources integrator, has announced the local release of Noble Workforce Management 2.1.1 (WFM), the next-generation of Noble Systems’ planning tool for contact centre management.

Noble WFM is a comprehensive workforce management system that can accurately forecast inbound and outbound call volumes, leverage flexible scheduling processes, integrate with other corporate systems and produce reports that measure agent adherence and centre performance.
Noble WFM offers powerful and reliable forecasting and reporting tools for inbound and outbound communications environments.
Workforce Management users have reported increased contact centre efficiency, often resulting in a 20% (or more) reduction in staffing costs and a full return on investment within a matter of months.
Offered as part of the Noble Solution contact centre suite, Noble WFM plays an integral role in effective planning, agent allocation and reporting.
New and enhanced capabilities featured in Noble WFM 2.1.1 include:
*Dynamic agent rankings and real-time adherence reporting, based on actual performance.
*Intelligent forecasting for outbound, inbound and blended contact programmes.
*What-if scenarios that explore the effects of volume and service level changes.
*Grouping functions to separate agents by skill, exception or other parameters.
*Data sharing with the rest of the Noble contact centre suite for outbound and inbound statistics, including historical data, call volumes, agent details and skills.
“Effective contact centre management means having the right people doing the right things at the right time – it’s that simple,” says Mark Edwards, director of products and services at Intuate Group.
“Noble Systems’ WFM solution removes the guesswork from the process, and allows team leaders to allocate resources and achieve the best possible results.”