Rinphone and MobiMind, specialists in commercialising international telecom services, have announced their on device services (ODS) offering to Middle Eastern operators.

The service will be supplied by Gateway Communications, a leading supplier of telecommunications services to Africa and the Middle East and Cibenix, an Irish-based mobile software and ODS vendor.
The combination of Gateway Communications’ market presence with the Cibenix ODS platform will allow Rinphone and MobiMind to quickly deploy new value added services (VAS) to mobile operators thoughout the Middle East.
The offering includes a suite of compelling mobile Internet content and services that mobile operators can offer their users, in order to generate revenue and drive consumer data usage.
Third party advertising is also bundled with the service, providing additional revenue and allowing mobile operators to promote their own services and brand their solution.
The offering is available not just for high-end but also feature phones, thereby providing a mass market solution for today’s users.
Michel Doueihy, GM of Rinphone, explains that the service will first be launched in Saudi Arabia before expanding to other countries.
“The Saudi market is one of the biggest in the region and very adaptive to all new technologies and services.”
“Consumer demands for mobile access to social networking content and acceptance of application downloads are just some of the recent trends that provide new revenue opportunities for mobile operators,” says Gerry Jones, Chairman, Cibenix.
“We are delighted to deliver these services to Rinphone’s and MobiMind’s customers in the Middle East, and look forward to the many other prospects that lie ahead."
“After agreeing a partnership with Cibenix in November to provide enhanced VAS to Africa and the Middle East, we are delighted with this first innovative step in our collaboration and look forward to the results that will be achieved by deploying services through Rinphone and MobiMind,” comments Mike van den Bergh, CEO of Gateway Communications.
“Middle Eastern markets are dynamic and have huge potential for growth – through this initiative we will focus on consumer reach, service quality and the consumer experience.”