Virgin Mobile SA has announced that it now has full access to 3G HSPA+ broadband data services with download speeds of up to 21Mbps.

Customers with 3G-capable cell phones or modems will benefit from higher data speeds following the upgrade of Virgin Mobile’s underlying cellular network to 3G HSPA+ technology, which is in the process of being rolled out nationally.
Coverage of Virgin Mobile’s upgraded underlying network is already present in most major metropolitan areas and is expected to reach 67% of the SA population by mid-2011.
At 60c per Mb, Virgin Mobile claims to have always offered the lowest out-of-bundle data price in SA for GPRS/EDGE data – and the 3G HSPA+ rates will remain the same.
“I am delighted that we can immediately offer current and future Virgin Mobile customers such a substantial increase in data performance at no additional cost. We look forward to being a significant player in the South African mobile broadband market“, said Steve Bailey, CEO of Virgin Mobile.
Over the next few months, Virgin Mobile will be introducing low-priced prepaid and post-paid modem deals.