Interest and investment in enterprise information security architecture and related solutions is on the rise.

Specialists in the field of identity management services and support believe that there is now a far greater appreciation of security technology and related processes to protect internal and external resources.
Top of the list of security-related priorities is biometric-based solution investment, says Marius Coetzee, chief operations officer, Ideco Biometric Security Solutions, an established provider of solutions, services and support within the field of identity management.
“Biometric technology is one of the fastest growing areas in the field of IT security system and identity management solutions. We believe as ICT systems and networks grow in complexity, and threats emerge, this area of technology development will remain at the forefront of security.
"The fact is that decision makers understand that risk management and security has implication and impact on every level of operation within a business,” says Coetzee.
According to management at Ideco Biometric Security Solutions, one of the main drivers of this technology in industry is the growing need to protect resources and apply systems in order to regulate who does what, when, where and how.
The company’s stance is that security in general is an issue that affects all departments and all staff, and is therefore something that everyone in a business has to be cognisant of.
“We are all aware of the fact that the majority of threats to the security of a business originates from within an organisation. Global research testifies to this.
"Security today is not only about guarding networks against cyber attacks and physical access control, it is about understanding the critical requirements of each and every aspect of a business operation,” Coetzee explains.
Correlation and enhanced communication between all silos of business, including financial, HR and strategic operations, is on the increase according to Ideco management.
As examples of use of biometrics in business Coetzee refers to the Department of Home Affairs and its application of online fingerprint verification against the national population register (HANIS), as well as the offer of identity certification under the ECT Act by the South African Post Office.
Ideco Biometric Security Solutions continues to underline the importance of innovation within the biometric space and what this can mean for business.
“Among the most important messages we are communicating to the market is that physical biometrics such as fingerprint is regarded as the most mature and accurate way to authenticate an identity. It is finding significant application within the financial sector, for example,” adds Coetzee.
Ideco and Coetzee continues to emphasise the growing realisation that assurance and accountability is the product of an increased focus on risk and compliancy.
“Risk management as an ongoing and deliberate effort most certainly has an impact on the organisation or business,” Coetzee adds.
A key message behind Ideco’s service and support is that businesses should be vigilant about service providers in this space.
“The area of security control via technology is not without its risk. Service providers are mushrooming and it is critical that decision makers scrutinise credentials carefully to ensure that product is fully compliant, that track records, market experience and knowledge is relevant and credible,” says Coetzee.