Access control for corporate and commercial premises is a growing market, but to date no one solution has offered true reliability coupled with high performance.

Card and fob systems lack strong security, and can be compromised by something as simple as a lost or shared token.
While biometric systems offer greater security, many of the existing biometric readers on the market remain unreliable, presenting too many false reads, and often can only be used effectively within stable environments (such as ones not too hot or cold, indoors or with clean fingers).
Now available from the supplier who introduced the revolutionary Multi Spectral Imaging (MSI) Lumidigm fingerprint scanners to South Africa is the ideal integrated product designed to solve these existing issues.
Brand New’s new IEVO access control reader incorporates a Multi Spectral Imaging (MSI) fingerprint reader, ensuring accurate and reliable image capturing under any circumstance, including wet, dry, dirty and scarred fingers.
The reader can be used indoor or externally, and can be flush or surface mounted.
The device has been specifically designed to easily integrate into any existing card and fob system by using the original manufacturer’s controllers, offering a quick, simple and cost effective enhancement to any access control solution.
Key features of the reader include:
*Minimalist in design.
*MSI technology.
*Optional spoof detection.
*Vandal resistant.
*Thermostat heated sensor for external use.
*Wiegand outputs.
*One to many matching up to 8000 users.
*Easy to install and integrate.
*Manufactured in any custom colour.
*SDK available.
*PCB housed internally.