International analysts Gartner have placed CA Technologies in the leader quadrant for event correlation and analysis (ECA). This is based on the abilities offered by the CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager product.

“The challenge for IT management solutions specialists like ourselves is not just providing the raw data and information,” says Gary Lawrence, MD of CA Southern Africa.
“For the customer to get real benefits and value, this information has to be processed and presented in a way that enables genuine management.”
ECA plays a key role in managing the vast amount of event information reported from any network. It helps structure and prioritise the data so that quick, effective resolution of issues is achieved.
“CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager is a fundamental component of our Service Assurance product portfolio,” says Lawrence. “We are very pleased that Gartner has recognised the leading abilities of this software.
“It offers filtering of event information according to the priorities of the processes involved. It provides analysis to determine root causes of issues that arise. This enables support staff to quickly resolve problems in a way that aligns with business needs, rather than with just a first-come-first-served approach.”
IT operations management has to achieve a careful balance between resolving network problems, satisfying the expectations of end-users and answering the overall business needs in a prioritised manner.
“Spectrum Infrastructure Manager, along with the other solutions available in our Service Assurance products, helps our customers to achieve real results from support services,” says Lawrence.
“This is not a point solution that needs integration with other management systems. IT management requires a complete, unified view of a network and the tools to resolve problems as they happen. Gartner has recognised that our offering provides exactly these essential abilities.”