Sybase 365 has extended Sybase IPX 365 – the industry-leading suite of IP services and connectivity options for mobile operators – to include support for LTE roaming, a critical component to the success of next-generation LTE networks.

LTE (long term evolution) is the last step toward the fourth generation (4G) of radio technologies designed to increase the capacity and speed of mobile telephone networks.
The transition to LTE promises to fundamentally change the mobile ecosystem, and will enable new capabilities well beyond traditional voice and data services.
ABI Research estimates that LTE equipment spending will grow by 120% in 2011 to reach almost $1-billion. This increase is supported by more than 185 deployments and trials around the world.
As mobile operators invest in LTE technology, they face implementation challenges both commercially and technically when integrating LTE into their existing core infrastructure, including roaming.
Sybase addresses such challenges by providing high bandwidth through its IPX network and superior quality LTE roaming.
The advanced engineering of Sybase IPX 365 is built on a global MPLS platform, with multiple gigabits per second capacity and unrivalled operator-grade network performance, ensuring mobile operators can seamlessly roll out roaming between their LTE networks.
“LTE’s high bandwidth and low latency significantly improve the user experience for bandwidth-hungry smartphone applications, while its all-IP architecture, spectral efficiency and bandwidth flexibility promises to greatly improve overall network profitability,” says Julie Tomlinson, mobile practice director at Sybase South Africa.
“By extending our roaming services to support LTE rollout, Sybase continues to set the bar by delivering superior network performance and global reach, operational excellence, security, and community value for our operator customers.”
Sybase IPX 365 is a comprehensive suite of IP services and connectivity options that provide global data roaming (GRX), voice transport (both on-net and off-net), roaming signalling, BlackBerry connectivity, MMS and SMS – offering mobile operators the advantage of obtaining all essential services through one connection.