To address the current reactive approaches to treating chronic and post-acute care conditions, SAP AG is launching a new solution.

The SAP Collaborative E-Care Management application connects patients, care providers and their families through medical monitoring software and mobile devices to better manage their health with individualised treatment plans and educational content.
The announcement was made at HIMSS11, being held in Orlando, Florida, from 20 to 24 February, 2011.
Together with its partner ecosystem, SAP wants to improve the way that care providers manage patients while they are outside of the healthcare system and active in the community.
For example, SAP and its partners are integrating glucometers into the SAP solution. As the devices capture clinical data, alerts can be generated in real time to patients via text message or e-mail to prompt them to take the necessary actions.
Care providers can also be alerted to patient-specific criteria, such as when a patient’s glucose crosses a predetermined level.
With the SAP technology, patients will be able to use mobile devices to track their health status, interact with care providers and monitor how they are progressing on an individualised care plan developed with their care provider. Patients can also take targeted “e-classes” to learn how to better manage their health.
SAP Collaborative E-Care Management makes co-ordination of care among patients, their healthcare providers and their families easier.
The technology allows patients to incorporate wellness, chronic condition management, interim care and post-acute care into their overall healthcare plan from wherever integrated telecommunication capabilities are available.
Patients can choose to share information stored in their personal health record (PHR) through the use of an “in community” feature to let providers more seamlessly tailor specific.
The application can interact with medical monitoring devices to automatically capture patient clinical information.
Integrated telecommunication capabilities allow interested parties, such as friends and family members, to be notified regarding changes in a patient’s healthcare status via text messages, e-mail, work list, telephone and video.
The application also provides analysis of patient data to help ensure continuous refinement and improved management of care as well as evaluate quality and cost.
In addition, patients benefit from e-learning capabilities to supplement education provided in the physician’s office, reinforce behavioral changes and support informed decision-making.
To help ensure effective mobile connectivity, SAP has signed a joint marketing agreement with MedApps, of Scottsdale, Arizona.
MedApps uses cellular technology and a cloud-based platform to integrate retail health monitors, such as blood pressure monitors and glucose meters, into a cost-effective remote health monitoring solution.
Health readings from compatible devices are automatically transmitted to EMR systems for patients and clinicians to easily monitor and review. For patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, access to current and consistent biometric data is essential to maintain health and drive down the cost of crisis care.
“SAP‘s vision for the healthcare industry is one in which there is tighter co-ordination of care between patients and their various care providers through the use of smart devices and status monitoring, to assist post-acute and chronically ill patients, leading to improved quality and value of care by facilitating behavioral change,” says John Papandrea, senior VP and global health sciences sector head, SAP.
“Through our extensive partner ecosystem, we are bringing this vision to reality by using the power of technology to improve patient lifestyles and enable high-quality care to patients outside of the hospital.
"With this solution, we are harnessing SAP’s long and proven history of helping companies run better, and applying that to improving healthcare delivery in order to help people live better.”
“The use of cellular technology for monitoring is a giant step forward. The African continent relies heavily on communications via mobile devices where the uptake of these devices for the last few years has been staggering," says Louis Murray, industry principal at SAP South Africa.
"The SAP Collaborative E-Care Management application is a huge advantage to the greater African continent, and will add immense value to the care providers, health workers and communities on the continent.”