Eco-friendly, greener offices and reductions in carbon footprints: as the world becomes more environmentally conscious, companies are constantly on the lookout for new ways to increase efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.

Ravi Perumal, Axiz product manager, says that together with leading partners like HP, Axiz is able to provide clients with eco-friendly office solutions.
“One of the easiest and most visible environmentally friendly solutions is to evaluate your printing operation. By assessing printing practices, companies can address printing equipment, employee behaviour and identify opportunities for improvement,” says Perumal.
Printing demands are dependent on the size of the business. Requirements can range from fleet management solutions that will save power and paper to printer management solutions that will conserve energy, paper and supplies. He says all these solutions work towards reducing the environmental footprint.
Axiz and HP recommend that companies consider implementing the following steps when deciding on greener printing solutions:
*Purchasing energy efficient products that have accredited Energy Star ratings.
*Replacing individual units with multifunction printers (MFPs) where possible. MFPs operate more efficiently by using less energy and supplies and requiring less overhead supported costs.
*Select printers with energy efficient technology. HP printers come with a range of leading features that include an "Auto-On/Auto-Off" technology that senses when users need to print, and turns the printer off and on automatically.
*Save up to 50% on paper by setting double-sided printing as a default.
*Recycle paper, as this can play a significant role in reducing a company’s environmental impact.
“Companies who examine their printing environment will identify ways to save money by reducing their energy consumption and paper use. These practical solutions provide heightened awareness around smarter ways to meet business demands and actionable steps that will improve the bottom-line,” concludes Perumal.