South African business has entered a new stage as legislation and the King III in particular has put IT governance in the spotlight. In compliance with King III, all companies are required to have an off-site storage infrastructure.

Martin Kuhlmann, StorVault country manager, says it is essential for companies to implement compliant solutions that secure data and ensure immediate recovery.
Kuhlmann says that in light of the new legislation and client requirements, the industry has assessed and developed a host of back-up solutions.
The current trend is for organisations to back-up their data using tape back-ups, tape warehousing and back-up management teams.
“These back-up solutions are still popular because directors know the solutions and are comfortable with them.”
As the need for back-up solutions has grown so has the technological innovation and with this the highlighting of the flaws in the "traditional" back-up solutions. He believes that in all this the recovery process is the most intriguing.
When using tape drives customers often have corrupted data, a lack of data as a result of the system being unable to verify the back-ups, a missing tape and having to restore all back-up files as the individual file cannot be found.
“This doesn’t mean that the online storage space doesn’t come with challenges,” says Kuhlmann. “The majority of online products are based overseas so there is a lack of local support, bandwidth limitations and high connectivity costs are all an issue.”
StorVault provides solutions with EVault software that specifically addresses online/off site backup and disaster recovery of critical data.
“When choosing data protection software, companies should choose a solution that delivers foolproof, cross-platform data back-up and recovery, real-time protection and remote disaster recovery.
"StorVault manages the backup and recovery of data via an online infrastructure and are able to provide clients with a local support infrastructure and immediate response,” says Kuhlmann.
“Clients can view and manage their own environment alongside the StorVault support and management, making this a true online support solution.”
“This is a constantly evolving environment and in the coming months a movement to cloud back-ups, BaaS (Back-up as a Service), disk back-ups, long-term retentions and real time disaster recoveries will be seen,” predicts Kuhlmann.