Hot on the heels of the appointment of its third distributor in South Africa, storage industry pioneer Western Digital (WD) will be relaunching its brand into the local market.

The launch event will take place on 3 March and will also debut the company's new home entertainment product, the WD TV Live Hub.
Senior sales director Ian Keene will discuss some of the factors that are driving demand in the hard disk drive (HDD) market, including social media and user generated content, the growth of the computer market and the increasing demand for home storage. He will also talk about WD's broadening range of compelling storage solutions, from external and internal storage to solid state storage, home entertainment and software.
"YouTube, Facebook and Flickr, among other sites, are part of the revolution of user generated content that is driving huge demand for storage both at home and on the server side. Added to this is the sheer number of connected devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs and the growth of the cloud, all of which have changed the storage market dramatically," he says.
"Storage devices are becoming physically smaller but at the same time incorporating ever-increasing capacity in order to deal with this demand. WD has always had a culture of innovation to meet changing customer needs and this can clearly be seen from our position as the number one volume manufacturer across all form factors in the HDD market."
Sales director Khalid Wani will deliver a branded products update and will discuss the digital data explosion. In addition, he will provide an overview of the latest branded WD product offering that has been designed to meet this overwhelming demand, including the WD My Book and My Passport with SmartWare Software, WD My Book World Edition and the WD TV Live Hub. He will also discuss how WD's range of home entertainment products can enable home users to stream entertainment and content to every corner of the home.  
Daniel Mauerhofer, head of public relations: EMEA & India at WD, will provide an interactive demonstration of the power and capabilities of the WD TV Live Hub. The WD TV Live Hub is an innovative media centre storage device for the home that allows users to collect media in a central device and stream it throughout the house. It also enables Internet content to be streamed directly to HD televisions, so users can watch YouTube videos, check Facebook and view other online content like podcasts, movies and television series from the comfort of their living rooms.
"The Internet, cloud computing, social media and user generated content have revolutionised the hard disk drive industry, and the sheer volume of the growth of data has led to ever increasing demand on storage. Users no longer wish to simply store and protect their data but want to share it with the world and interact with it on a variety of levels," says Mauerhofer.
Keene adds: "The re-launch of the WD brand and launch of WD TV Live Hub in South Africa represents an exciting opportunity for growth for us into this market."