The human resources management (HRM) module of the integrated financial management system (IFMS) has gone live at the Department of Public Services & Administration (DPSA), with the intention of rolling out across all departments to automate personnel management for government.

The HRM module of the IFMS is the fifth to be rolled out and joins asset management, procurement management, catalogue management and master data management, all of which have been implemented at DPSA as well as some other lead sites such as the Department of Education. The long-term vision of the IFMS is to achieve modernisation and integration of government back-office systems. "The older legacy systems which currently provide financial, human resources, supply chain management and business intelligence functionality are at the end of their useful life," says Minister of Public Services & Administration Richard Baloyi. "If the public service of 2011 does not have a modern, agile web-enabled back-office system, it will not be able to support the needs of a developmental state." The HRM module is being deployed first within the DPSA, but will also be rolled out to other departments on both a national and provincial level. "The scale of this effort is not to be underestimated," says Baloyi. "The system must eventually support the HRM requirements of almost 1,2-million public servants, located in thousands of offices spread across about 150 departments." Once implemented, the HRM module will allow government to improve the capacity of the public service to manage its human resources more effectively and efficiently. It will assist in harmonising and aligning the implementation of public service HR management policies and procedure, while supporting the monitoring and evaualtion of HR policies. It will assist in promoting a standard set of HR processes across the public service, supporting reporting at both departmental and national level. It is expected to improve the quality of, and access to, HR management information which should lead to better planning and decision-making. By automating and standardising processes, it is hoped that HR service deliver will be improved. The system will also enhance the integrity of expenditure management and performance reporting, while helping the DPSA keep track of transformation.