Local IT security specialist, Securicom, has given its powerful email management and security solution, e-Purifer, a new face and added more functionality to empower companies with complete control of email.

The newly-upgraded online portal delivers unprecedented insight into the company email flow, and provides advanced functionality for managing email security and analysing content from a single point.
It boasts enhanced reporting capabilities, enabling the administrator to create a range of reports which provide relevant and useful information presented in a simplified and meaningful format.
The portal is designed for ease of use so that company IT administrators feel at home and can leverage the system without any special training.
“We’ve taken a fantastic solution and made it better,” says Securicom’s operations director, Dries Morris.
"The online portal is easier to use than before, while offering more sophisticated capabilities for message interrogation, analysis and reporting. e-Purifier simplifies message security and content management, all from a single, simple-to-use portal."
e-Purifier is still based on best-of-breed scanning and security technologies which are packaged as an integrated solution to help companies enforce corporate email policy, reduce spam, eliminate viruses, stop the circulation of inappropriate material and conserve bandwidth.
So, there’s no need to buy and manage numerous point solutions. e-Purifier offers three layers of anti-virus, and is one of a handful of email security solutions to provide this level of protection.
Securicom offers two distinct fully-managed solutions which are hosted upstream by Securicom at a secure data centre.
e-Purifier Enterprise is a complete message management solution encompassing spam protection, multiple layer virus protection, content filtering, recipient validation, and reputation service. e-Purifier Lite provides spam and virus protection.
Both solutions are offered on a subscription basis. This means that there is no capital outlay and the cost and administrative headache of managing and upgrading the system is removed.
All incoming and outgoing messages are simply routed via Securicom’s infrastructure, stopping questionable and malicious content before it reaches the client line. Securicom’s team of security experts takes care of upgrades and maintenance to the system, and provides monitoring support around the clock.
Companies, however, maintain full control of customising and configuring the email rule set in accordance with their specific usage criteria via their portal. The portal has superior functionality for configuration of message rule sets across multiple domains.
IT managers can for instance configure the rule set to delete oversize messages or park them to be delivered after hours, thus preventing large mails from slowing the delivery of important business mails during high traffic hours.
Quarantining or deleting oversize mails also means that precious bandwidth is not wasted on downloading and processing unsolicited, non-business-related emails containing video clips and the like.
All messages processed by e-Purifier are stored for five days, allowing companies to trace and restore messages within that window period.
“While we assume the burden of monitoring and maintaining the system, companies still have control over how e-Purifier is configured.
"IT managers can define, refine and re-define the email rule-set as and when it is necessary, and they are empowered with easy access to actionable insight into what’s happening on the company email system.
“This means they are able to quickly identify employees abusing company e-mail, in breach of the internal corporate email usage policy, and take action against them, and they are alerted to security events and breaches immediately, enabling them to be proactive in remediation,” adds Morris.
He concludes: “As an integrated, subscription service, e-Purifier gives companies with small IT budgets and limited IT security resources access to the very best email scanning and security products in one, cost effective solution.
“We’ve got ten years experience in delivering email content and security as a managed service. We will continue to refine our service to ensure that it remains relevant to companies’ changing email management requirements.”