A turnaround at the State IT Agency (SITA) is on track, and the agency is starting to deliver on its mandate, according to Minster of Public Services & Administration Richard Baloyi.

Minister Baloyi was speaking at the launch of the human resources management (HRM) module of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), which went live today at the Department of Public Services & Adminstration (DPSA).
He says SITA acted as the prime system integrator (PSI) on the project, pulling together technology and expertise from a number of partners to implement the project.
"We are confident SITA is en route to becoming a fully-fledged PSI for the public service," he says.
"We are well aware there have been challenges, including the capacity of SITA to deliver on the IFMS," Baloyi acknowledges. "SITA is firmly on a turnaround and thus we can speak with confidence that the IFMS, which has been seven years in the making is here.
"This is not conceptual: we are walking the talk and are at the point where we will be able to realise the objectives of the IFMS wihout any excuses."