The IT industry has welcomed the process of consultation and commitment to change demonstrated by the Department of Communications, which held a round table discussion with some of the IT industry's leading organisations on Friday.

The purpose of the meeting – and interventions planned for the future – was to open dialogue between the department and the industry in order to map a way forward to develop a healthy industry that can also improve skills development and job creation.
Craid Venter, CEO of Altech, spoke on behalf of the IT companies that attended the first meeting: "It was exceptionally enlightening and refreshing from the industry's perspective, to see the Minister taking a leadership position like he is taking today," he says.
"It is imperative for government and industry to work together – and, in previous years, maybe the dialogue was not there.
"I am extremely excited about the future and about government working very closely with the industry.
"We had a very productive day. It has not just been talk, but we have developed mandates about things we need to achieve; and committees have been put together."