Preferred partner of Noble Systems Corporation, Intuate Group, the technology solutions and people resources integrator, has announced its availability of Noble Systems’ contact tools to protect consumer privacy and help clients comply with applicable regulations that govern customer interaction technology and practices.

Key security and compliance features are embedded in each of Noble Systems’ flagship products, including Maestro 5.1, Composer 9.2 Web Agent and Workforce Management 2.1.
Software and services related to consumer financial transactions are compliant with the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), a set of guidelines that are designed to help prevent credit card fraud and identity theft.
“Data security and compliance issues are two of the top challenges that contact centre professionals face today,” says Mark Edwards, director: products and services at Intuate Group.
“Protecting data and safeguarding customer information – while maintaining its availability – are our top priorities in an increasingly security-conscious world.
"Noble Systems has developed secure features to help its clients to meet today’s security challenges, including data encryption, encryption-at-rest and over-the-wire, data backup solutions, system hardening, system access limitations, secure updates, virus protection and more.”