Lexmark International, a leading global provider of imaging products, software, solutions and services, and AccuWeather, the world’s leading multimedia weather information source, have announced the availability of the AccuWeather.com SmartSolution for Lexmark’s web-connected all-in-one (AIO) inkjet printers.

The SmartSolution is perfect for companies involved in activities such as landscaping, construction and event planning, which must take weather conditions into consideration in order to make informed business decisions.
Business travellers can use the information to make smarter daily and long-term travel plans.
The SmartSolution app provides current, localised weather conditions, as well as seven-day forecasts, that are instantly available on a Lexmark all-in-one-device, without the need for a computer.
The AccuWeather SmartSolution is free and available on all Lexmark AIOs with SmartSolutions.
AccuWeather is the latest addition to Lexmark’s SmartSolutions program, which includes partnerships with Box.net and TripIt.