The Inspiron duo is the latest offering from Dell's unique range of mobility products, and is now available from Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

Sporting a unique, flip-hinge design, the Inspiron duo combines the simplicity of a tablet, the functionality of a full keyboard and the convenience of a dock so users can switch seamlessly from touch to type to dock mode in seconds.
The tri-mode functionality is perfect for those who crave productivity yet also want the fun, interactive nature of a touch screen, offering easy access to movies, TV shows, social-networking sites and more.
"The shape of computing is changing, with products that usher in new experiences and allow people to stay connected to each other and the content they love from almost anywhere," says Mandy Porter, Dell business unit manager at DCC.
"The new Inspiron duo's dual purpose delivers one-touch access to great content and yet offers the functionality of a full keyboard for more intensive applications."
In tablet mode, with its screen facing outward, the duo is the perfect entertainment companion. Dell's innovative new duo Stage software provides easy touch access to music, video, an e-Bookstore application, games and the Internet.
The bright 10.1-inch high-definition display is also perfect for viewing videos.
Opening the lid and flipping the screen inward reveals a chiclet keyboard making traditional productivity applications like e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets and presentations a breeze.
Additionally, a built in web-cam, integrated Wi-Fi and optional connectivity choices such as Bluetooth and 4G mobile broadband make it even easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family.
For even more versatility, Dell offers an optional Inspiron duo Audio Station dock with built-in media card reader, JBL speakers, two additional USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet adapter and battery charger.
When docked, the Inspiron duo serves as the ultimate alarm clock, digital photo frame or top-notch music player.
For kids, the Inspiron duo is great for play as a touch tablet. Flip the screen and it's ready to help parents organise their calendars. Students can watch videos or listen to music in touch mode on the way to class, before flipping the screen to type notes or write a term paper in type mode.
Also great for travelers, the Inspiron duo is a perfect on-the-go companion – watch movies or surf the Internet in touch mode, and organise itineraries, write a blog post or manage photos and music in keyboard mode with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium.
"Now you can go from touch to type to dock mode in seconds. This unique product allows families and students to switch seamlessly between entertainment and productivity," concludes Porter.