No longer do users need to worry about running out of bandwidth. With POCiT, customers will always be able to stay connected, simply by purchasing their broadband vouchers using their cellphones.

POCiT has partnered with G-Connect, the unique service that offers 3-in-1 (3G, Wi-Fi and ADSL) prepaid Internet access in South Africa.
“The key differentiator with G-Connect is the convenience, flexibility and cost efficiency of the service. Our 3-in-1 vouchers provide our customers seamless access to the Internet,” says Carel van der Merwe, CEO of WirelessG, the company behind G-Connect.
WirelessG was the first South African company to launch a completely converged online service that allows customers to consolidate their spend on ADSL, 3G and Wi-Fi hotspot access.
“POCiT provides WiresslessG with another convenient and simple channel for G-Connect customers to top-up their accounts using their cellphones, thus ensuring they stay connected. It’s quick and easy,” adds David Reynders, MD at POCiT.
Using POCiT also means improved security. Customers with POCiT accounts are not required to fill in banking details and confidential information each time they need to buy bandwidth.
This information is loaded once-off when registering a POCiT account, and by using a secure pin and the registered cellphone, users are able to buy and load bandwidth onto their G-Connect account safely and without having to be logged on to their computer.