Leading South African auto-ID company, Harmonic Group, has been appointed as the authorised African reseller of CubiScan cubing and weighing system equipment.

CubiScan products are developed by Quantronix, the US-based leader and pioneer in the development of automated dimension scanning equipment.
They are used in a wide variety of automated freight handling (air, ground, rail and sea), parcel postage, materials handling and warehousing systems.
According to Harmonic CEO Barry Baetu, CubiScan solutions come to the fore in situations where dimensional data must be rapidly and accurately obtained for use in computing shipping charges, shipment and logistics planning, storage space planning and material sorting.
“Among the biggest users of CubiScan cubing and weighing systems in South Africa are manufacturers and FMCG retailers,” he adds.
David Askew-Renaut, director at OMILOG Solutions, the official CubiScan distributor for Africa, says the decision to forge closer links with Harmonic was a result of the South African company’s commitment to the product.
“Harmonic has invested time and effort into getting to know the CubiScan range, and has even set up a subsidiary company, Cubiscan Africa, to ensure dedicated focus on the product. This will boost its ability to support the products, which translates into improved service for local customers.
"We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Harmonic,” he concludes.