Software AG has revealed details of a repositioning which will see it focus on software and solutions for enterprise business process management, and is ready to demonstrate a fully integrated product portfolio, for the first time since its acquisition of IDS Scheer, under the name Enterprise BPM.

The new portfolio includes a number of product innovations in business processes, integration, IT modernisation and process intelligence. In addition, new products for master data management and complex event processing will be presented at CeBIT, while new IT trends such as cloud technology will be integrated to add value for the customer.
Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of Software AG, comments: “The transformation to a true 'digital enterprise' will be the business challenge of the next decade. Enterprise BPM, the implementation of a flexible process and integration layer across company departments, suppliers and partners, will be the key enabling technology. This transformation has already started and will radically change the way our customers do business. This market is growing dynamically and can propel Software AG into the top tier of global software vendors.”
To implement the strategy, Software AG is presenting an array of product innovations, a fully integrated portfolio for business process excellence and a comprehensive cloud initiative. The goal is to support enterprise clients in optimising their business process modelling and monitoring and to recognise and correct operational problems in seconds.
Software AG will introduce its new process and integration platform, which includes the complete of both the company 's new product groups, ARIS (for modeling business processes and real-time monitoring) and webMethods (business process management), as well as new components for complex event processing and master data management.
Integration is based on the Model-to-Execute approach, which enables the transition of business process models into IT execution models based on a simple and clear methodology. The key feature is the integration of webMethods' monitoring of technical functions and ARIS's monitoring of business operations.
This will give customers a complete solution that covers the entire lifecycle of their business processes – from design to realization, execution and monitoring through to perpetual optimisation. Software AG's traditional data management products have also been expanded and integrated with the ARIS product family
“Software AG Cloud Ready” is the name for the company's cloud concept, whereby the entire lifecycle of a business process will be cloud-enabled. The simplified collaboration between all stakeholders in a process is one key success factor that sharply improves cooperation between IT and business departments as well as between different levels of management and experts in and outside the company.