Independent telecoms service provider Switch Telecoms has cut  call rates across the board in response to the lowering of wholesale termination rates in South Africa.

In addition, the company has also simplified its rate structure to make its tariffs easier to understand.
“Many consumers have found themselves incurring excessive phone bills because they don’t realise what their calls are actually costing them. VoIP is now both affordable and easy to understand,” says Greg Massel, MD of Switch Telecom.
The company’s on-net call rates (Switch Telecom to Switch Telecom) come in just 15 cents, making this an affordable option for companies with branch numbers. By comparison, a Telkom-to-Telkom voice call costs between 43 cents and 65 cents per minute depending on distance and duration.
According to its new rate card, Switch Telecom customers pay as little as 39 cents per minute for local calls to other operators during peak times – a saving of 20,4% over the rates the incumbent fixed line operator offers.
Customers can achieve savings of up to 40% on national phone calls at peak times, which Switch bills at 39 cents per minute. On mobile calls at peak times, Switch Customers pay between R1,04 per minute and can achieve savings of up to 29,5%.
Massel add: “The lowering of termination rates in South Africa has given us scope once again to bring our call rates down. Calls to South African fixed-line and mobile lines, in particular, are lower than ever before.
“We remain committed to reducing our prices as termination rates continue to glide downwards over the next two to three years. With our new rate structure, we offer some of the most competitive call rates in South Africa to our customers,” he says.