Preparedness is the key for any organisation – small, medium or large – to successfully manage a disruptive event. A disaster recovery solution can make all the difference between successful operation following an emergency or company closure.

Martin Kuhlmann, StorVault country manager, says that an integrated IT solution plays a vital role in protecting and restoring data.
“Many executives make the mistake of disregarding disaster recovery solutions because it is natural to not want to consider disasters as a possibility. What they don’t realise is that a business disaster can be anything from an earthquake to malfunctioning software caused by a computer virus,” says Kuhlmann.
Implementing a solution that protects data and ensures that it is immediately available is crucial for any business to continue operating no matter the cause for the disruption.
New IT governance legislation, earmarked for all organisations, is another factor that is ensuring companies have a storage solution in place to protect electronic data.
Kuhlmann says that StorVault is able to provide clients with solutions that meet legislative obligations and assure automatic and easy-to-use data protection and immediate recovery, enabling business continuity.
When considering a backup and recovery solution, it is imperative that the system is reliable, automated, easy to administer, can manage data growth and be integrated into the existing IT environment. Kuhlmann advises evaluating the following elements before deciding on a solution:
* End-to-end data security – data should be encrypted before and during transmission and should remain encrypted while in storage.
* Centralised web-based management – being able to manage and monitor back-up and disaster recovery through a secure and centralised interface, and accessible from anywhere via a web browser. An ideal feature for data protection across networks and remote offices.
* Offsite protection – data is replicated and backed-up to a secure location for complete offsite protection. Active and passive data availability allows for business continuity.
* Broad platform support – data protection is unified in a single solution working across virtually every combination of platforms and applications.
“Business continuity is possible when applying solutions that provide data protection and immediate recovery. StorVault’s highly skilled recovery technicians and cutting edge leading technology provides clients with a service that protects and retrieves data whenever it is needed,” concludes Kuhlmann.