HP recently announced the HP Mobile Access Solution, which enables clients to optimise mobile communications through wireless access points that can support up to 50% more mobile devices than existing technology.

HP is offering the industry’s first access points that transmit three data streams per wireless radio as opposed to two, enabling the new HP Mobile Access Solution to increase user performance and range on wireless networks.
The new technology delivers up to 15 concurrent high-definition video conferencing sessions on the network, while prior 802.11n offerings supported only 10, and 802.11g supported just one.
Leading networking vendors sell separate equipment, software and tools for wired and wireless environments, placing extra management, cost and training burdens on clients.
Built on the HP Converged Infrastructure strategy, the HP Mobile Access Solution operates as a converged network solution for both wired and wireless environments.
As a result, clients can reduce equipment, complexity and resource requirements across their entire network environment by standardising on a single solution that includes operating system, management tool and access control security.
Users are experiencing degraded network quality as the growth in popularity of mobile access devices – such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks – and multimedia content and software-as-a-service offerings is overloading network capacity.
The HP Mobile Access Solution is the first dual-radio 802.11n solution with 900Mbps signaling to accommodate the growing number of wireless devices and delivers the performance for an improved user experience when accessing multimedia content.
“Clients are demanding increased capacity and performance from their wireless networks without increasing complexity, management requirements or costs,” says Graham Vorster, networking country manager, HP South Africa.
“HP is eliminating traditional barriers with innovation that gives clients a wire-like experience that speeds service delivery over wireless communications, offers broader coverage areas and delivers security consistent with the wired network.”
The HP Mobile Access Solution delivers expanded connectivity without sacrificing throughput. Clients can access their critical applications in a mobile environment with near-Gigabit Ethernet performance that has traditionally only been associated with wired connectivity.
“With 26,000 users across three campuses, the volume and size of files transferred by our students and faculty is constantly rising, putting a strain on our wireless networks,” says Joshua Krek, senior network administrator, Glendale Community College, Maricopa County Community College District.
“The network we have built with the new HP Mobile Access Solution has significantly increased data transfer speeds and range. HP products were easy to deploy and are simple to manage, all at a very cost-effective price.”
The HP Mobile Access Solution provides clients with:
* Increased performance with the Wi-Fi certified, near-Gigabit access point with three-spatial-stream, dual 802.11n radio technology, which delivers a 50% increase in the number of users served or amount of bandwidth supported for multimedia and cloud services.
* Simplified management through a single interface for wired and wireless environments, versus competitive offerings that require several management tools. Integrated modules enable clients to centrally plan, deploy, configure and monitor access points across the enterprise with an easy-to-use graphical interface.
* Reduced complexity with a single, comprehensive security solution that delivers access control, user authorisation, intrusion detection and prevention for both wired and wireless environments. Competitive solutions require up to seven different pieces of equipment to deliver similar functionality.
* Lower total cost of ownership and improved price and performance by offering greater capacity and user connectivity, combined with higher performance over competitive solutions, at a similar cost.
* Peace of mind with HP’s industry-leading lifetime warranty, which offers expanded client protection and next-day equipment replacement.