With the high prevalence of misleading or downright fraudulent CVs being seen in the market, along with the costs associated with identity theft, local workplace portal Jobs.co.za has partnered with V-Report to  help both job seekers and recruiters to reduce the risk of unverified or fraudulent CVs.

Through its partnership with V-Report, Jobs.co.za will now offer its job seekers the opportunity to verify their identity, qualifications, criminal status, employment history and conduct credit checks prior to applying for a position.
The V-Report is then placed on a unique URL protected by a secure login available to registered recruitment agencies and companies. Job seekers will also receive a Virtual Vault on V-Report where they can store employment-related credentials.
The Job Seeker can request additional verifications from the range of checks available through V-Report at any stage, which will automatically be updated and assigned to the job seeker’s profile
The partnership also helps recruitment agencies and companies by eliminating many frustrations relating to the cost and time spent on having to perform background checks.
Additional benefits include the Candidate Integrity Profile which ascertains the job seeker’s general code of conduct when dealing with companies and recruitment agencies throughout the job hunting phase.