Gijima has come to an arrangement with the Department of Home Affairs over the controversial “Who am I Online” contract, and will complete the project as originally agreed – for the original amount that was quoted.

In April, the Department of Home Affairs contested the validity of a contract that was concluded in June 2008 for the Who Am I Online (WAIO) system. Gijima disputed this contention and has now reached an amicable settlement with the Department to complete the project.
Gijima was awarded the contract in June 2008 to overhaul Department’s IT  infrastructure. The contract for the system covers the design, development and implementation of an integrated core system for the Department, including all business processes of both its Civics and Immigration Divisions.
The new settlement, which been signed by all the parties, is subject to the fulfilment of certain suspensive conditions.
The settlement brings the project back in line with the original objectives and cost estimates.
The total final capital cost of the items in the scope of this project, including expenditure to date of approximately R1,4-billion, is estimated to be approximately R2,27-billion. This is in line with the Treasury budget of R2,23-billion which was conditionally approved in 2009.
As part of the settlement Gijima has agreed to incur certain manageable losses which will be a once-off impact during this financial period.