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Santam to use LiveTrack from Vodacom Business


Vodacom Business has successfully secured a deal in which their LiveTrack vehicle tracking system, a machine to machine (M2M) managed service solution, will be used to assist Santam in launching a Safer Driver campaign.

The campaign will allow fleet owners and individuals to have the LiveTrack device installed in their cars, and the Santam system to record driver behaviour.
“With the new Road Traffic Act providing harsher penalties in an effort to reduce road deaths and accidents, and the government supporting both private and public efforts to increase road safety awareness, Santam, as one of the largest vehicle insurers in the country, has decided to play a role in this initiative.
"The LiveTrack system from Vodacom Business allows us to reach drivers of all ages and urge them to participate in this ongoing campaign,” says Shehnaz Somers, head of personal lines underwriting of Santam.
"Drivers with the LiveTrack system installed will be monitored and will receive rewards in the form of discounts on their premium if their driving behaviour consistently exhibits low risk driving.”
Often insurance companies penalise drivers when there is an increase in claims, and so good drivers pay increased premiums for other drivers – based on gender, age, brand of vehicle, location, and so on. LiveTrack will eliminate this by presenting a true reflection of the individual’s driving record.
“We are delighted to be breaking new ground with Santam and playing a role in making our roads a safer place,” says Gabi Strijp, executive head, mobile enterprise product management at Vodacom Business.